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Roberts, E.E. (1921) Editorial. Yorkshire Ramblers' Club Journal Volume 4 Number 14: pp203. Leeds: YRC.


Trow Gill by JF Seaman.  © Yorkshire Ramblers' Club
Trow Gill by JF Seaman

The President has become filled with political ambitions, and the Club has found a new Editor for its Journal. The present number may not compare with the remarkable series of articles which Mr. W. A. Brigg collected for his first, or with the two volumes of which Mr. Thomas Gray was Editor, but though the present Editor has no pretensions to the literary taste of his predecessors, his labours have convinced him that, great as have been the losses of the Club, the varied enterprises of the active members and the unrecorded explorations of the veterans can maintain a Journal worthy of the Club for years to come.

Shortly our younger men will make their way to the Alps, Norway, the Rockies, perhaps even to the Caucasus. The golden age of pot-holing is not over, and so long as our expeditions are but week-ends snatched from busy lives, fresh discoveries will not be worked out for some time.

The interval of nearly seven years since No. 13 was written has made the present issue a memorial of a long list of familiar names and good comrades whom we have lost.

Their deeds live after them.

The Editor.