Low Hall Garth is an old farmstead cottage situated above Little Langdale Tarn in a delightful and secluded position. It is owned by the National Trust and leased to the YRC. The Coniston fells can be reached directly from the cottage, as can those around Great Langdale by a rather longer walk across Wrynose Pass.

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Grid reference NY 309029. Approach by the A593 Ambleside to Coniston road, ascending from Skelwith Bridge. At 0.4 mile south of the Elterwater & The Langdales junction, take a narrow lane on the right hand side which almost immediately forks. Take the right hand fork, where a National Trust sign points to High Park, Hallgarth. Follow this lane for 1.6 miles over two cattle grids, negotiating a very tight zig zag through farm buildings, continue along the lane to the left of the ford, passing through a gate to Low Hall Garth. Do not try to use the ford from Little Langdale with vehicles. Please close the gate.

Warning: The unmetalled section of the lane, beyond the bridge, is in very poor condition. Please take great care so as not to damage your vehicle.


The only parking available at Low Hall Garth is in the small car park up the hill past the cottage. • The space is divided by a marker post: to the left, parking for the National Trust holiday cottages, to the right for YRC Hut users. • Also note that the space at the top of the car park is for NT High Hall Garth users. Do not park anywhere in the lane. • If necessary a few cars can be parked near the ford where the lane meets the river and footbridge to The Three Shires.


12 places in bunks in one dormitory. Pillows are provided but please bring your own pillowcases.

The bunks in the barn across the lane are reserved for YRC members.

Camping is not allowed.


Dining room / lounge.
Kitchen with electric cookers and full catering equipment.
Washroom, toilets and shower.

Converted barn sitting room across the lane. Key on notice board.
Drying room across the lane. Key on notice board.
Water Supply: Water comes from a stream which feeds a header tank above High Hall Garth. The supply is periodically tested by the Environmental Health at Kendal, and has been passed ok fit for drinking. The stop valve is below the kitchen sink. When very severe frost is expected please close the stop valve and drain the system by opening all basin taps, hot and cold following specifically instructions provided in the Club Hut Handbook on-site.
Open Fire: Open fireplace, but you must bring your own fuel. On no account must logs be taken from the cottage above. There may be a supply of kindling in the wood store next to the drying room. (Key with drying room key.)
Rubbish: There is no rubbish collection. Please take all refuse away with you. There is a public tip in Ambleside, on the left after the narrow humped bridge as you enter the one way system. Turn left at the entrance to the car park & ambulance station, and enter the Cumbria County Council Civic Amenity Site to find the tip. Ashes from the fire should be allowed to cool outdoors in the galvanised bucket marked “Fire Ashes”. Please bag the cool ashes and take away with your rubbish. Lost Clothing is kept in a bag under the stairs, and is periodically dumped if unclaimed.
Fire Safety: A fire extinguisher and fire blanket are kept beside the cookers. In the event of fire, exit by the front door or by the dormitory rear widow. Ensure that all occupants have left the building, and alert the occupants of the cottage & farm. Summon help, if needed, by using the phone in the cottage woodshed, and attempt to quench the fire where possible. Please use the fireguard at night, and ensure that all drying clothing is well away from the fireplace, the electric storage heaters, and the drying room heater.

Consumables: Spare supplies are kept in the cupboard under the stairs.

Telephone: There is a payphone off the main room.


No television or dogs may be brought into the building. Please remove boots and muddy equipment in the entrance.

Local Amenities:

The Three Shires Inn is 15 minutes walk away.

There are no shops in the immediate area but the Co-Op in Chapel Stile has a wide selection of supplies.


All visitors are requested and required to fill in their names including all members of their party in the Hut Book on arrival. It is on the shelf to the right of the fireplace.
Please pay the balance of fees to the Hut Secretary as soon as possible after your visit. At the same time please report any damage, including anything you discover on arrival.
All persons using the hut are required leave the hut in a clean and tidy condition following the "Leaving Check List" in the Club Hut Handbook on-site.


YRC members, their families, and members of the Gritstone Club

£4.00 per night

Members of the following clubs: Ardal Turlag, Cairngorm, Climbers’, Fell & Rock, Grampian, J.M.C.S, M.A.M, Oread, Rucksack, Scottish Mountaineering, Wayfarers.

£5.50 per night

All other users.

£10.00 per night

Children: Under 5 - Free, 5 to 15 - half price.
Groups: For group weekend bookings there is a minimum charge and deposit of: £100.00 per weekend.

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