How to Join

The Club welcomes applications for membership from any person showing interest in the Club's objectives and who can demonstrate their eligibility for membership to the Club Committee.

  • Membership is restricted to a minimum age of eighteen.
  • Prospective members are normally expected to attend a minimum of three Club Meets to get to know members of the Committee and other Members before applying for membership.
  • We welcome applications from relative novices as well as from fully fledged mountaineers and cavers.  However, we do expect applicants to be able to show that they have achieved, or have the potential to achieve, a certain minimum level of competency ie. are capable in their chosen field of activity (climbing, caving ,ski mountaineering, mountaineering, scrambling or hill walking) to operate safely and knowledgeably.  Applicants whose only experience and wish is limited to short day walks in undemanding terrain are unlikely to achieve the required standard.  Applicants are asked to give details of their relevant experience on the application form for consideration by the Committee. 

How do I express an interest in becoming a member?

  1. Write to or email ( the Membership Secretary expressing your interest in the YRC giving brief details of why you are interested in joining us. The Membership Secretary or another Officer of the Club will contact you for a brief introduction and probably invite you to attend one of the Club meets as a Prospective Member and meet some of the active members. You will be provided with a Prospective Membership application form to collect your contact details etc.
  2. Have an existing Club Member introduce you to the Membership Secretary for consideration as a Prospective Member and bring you to some club meets to meet other members. You will be provided with a Prospective Membership application form to collect your contact details etc.

Prospective Members receive Club mailings and other communications for a year and in that period, aspirants are encouraged to formally apply to the Committee for election to full membership, having satisfied themselves that they wish to join the Club.  After one year, all Prospective Members need to renew their interest.

The election of ordinary members is at the sole discretion of the Committee. Candidates for admission must be proposed and seconded by full members of the club.  Application is made by submitting an Application Form stating the candidate's name together with qualifications, address, occupation, experience, and age and signed by a proposer and seconder.  The form for completion is available from the Membership Secretary and must be submitted for election consideration. Candidates’ names will be advised to every member of the Club on email at least seven days before election. The election shall be by ballot and a candidate must gain 75% of the votes cast.

When a candidate’s fully completed application form has been received by the Membership Secretary it will be acknowledged in writing following which the candidate will become a Proposed Member and pending the committee’s decision on membership may use the Club’s huts at members rates. The Membership Secretary will confirm the membership election result to the candidate.

The above is a summary only of the Club Rules appertaining to election to membership. The definitive official Club Rules are available from the Honorary Secretary and take precedence.